Matt was composer and musical director for this production, involving a chorus of hundreds, children, soloists and many musicians. The production received terrific regional and national reviews, all 4 and 5 stars.

Here are some of the comments made about Matt's contribution:

"THERE is a particular moment in the Chester Mystery Plays when the Shepherds at the Nativity look outwards and upwards from the long thrust stage that dominates the nave of Chester Cathedral. The Gloria of the angels, a soprano duet, is pouring out like liquid gold, and and there’s enough light still streaming through the west window to convince us of a visitation from heaven.
The powerfully physical Crucifixion is a spectator sport, with Christ (Nick Sherratt) hammered on to the cross within touching distance of some of the audience. Punctuating the scenes here is the haunting reprise of “Adam lay ybounden”, a setting that is part of the new score by the production’s composer and musical director, Matt Baker.
He has spoken of the joy of working with such a vast number of singers and musicians of all ages and from all walks of life. And that’s the strongest and most memorable thing about this production — the glorious, joyous communality of it all. They do the Mystery Plays only every five years. It is infinitely worth waiting for."
Church Times

"Matt Baker’s original music is delivered courtesy of an effective celestial chorus."
The Stage
"Throughout the play each moment is accompanied perfectly by the score arranged by the incredibly talented musical director, Matt Baker"
We Are Chester
"This is Matt Baker’s fourth Mystery Plays as composer and he has set a new unbeatable standard with the score he has devised this time whether it is via the soaring choral moments which exhilarate at various points or the haunting background music which underlines the drama so perfectly. If the Cathedral has its eye on a sales opportunity, they would be wise to see if it is possible to get a soundtrack album produced."
Chester Chronicle
"The solo and choral singing is at times out of this world. Musical director and composer Matt Baker makes the most of the incredible acoustics, running the gamut from affecting vocal solos to total cacophony."
Northern Soul