New Vic Theatre Production
Written by Kenneth Grahame
Adapted by Theresa Heskins
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild
Movement Direction by Cariad Morgan
Music composed by Matt Baker

Here are some of the comments about the music:

“For one of the great highlights of the show is Matt Baker’s score, gorgeously sung and played by an impassioned ensemble. Varying from ravishing a cappella harmonies to New Orleans jazz, the music takes on early 20th-century forms such as barbershop and tango, even carrying a suggestion of the Russian revolution when the woodland creatures seize Toad Hall with strident cymbal crashes and urgent accordion beats. In a show that is whimsical but not twee, it adds to the rich communal spirit.”

“Delightfully varied music”

“The wonderful music composed by Matt Baker makes this production stand out even more."

“The original score, composed by Matt Baker, is a delight and fits perfectly with the story.”